Adam WhatsApp

Version: 33

Size: 67.36 MB

Adam WhatsApp APK must surprise you if you install the app. It is full of new features that you do not find in other similar applications. The app was customized from the original WhatsApp to attract more users. Millions of people use the app as it is easy, flexible, and more comfortable than the official one.

Presently, people lead a very busy life. They have a personal and professional schedule to maintain. As a result, it is not possible to get updated news about any of their relatives and friends by going physically. Therefore, the alternative option is the digital tool to reach quickly and frequently.

Adam WhatsApp was developed, designed, and published by Adam Arabs.

Now, you can talk with others instantly as Adam WhatsApp App allows its users to make audio-video calls within a second. People find their friends and family who live far away. Sometimes, physical meetings demand to spend much time and money. If you have this app you can avoid it and quicken your communication.

The magical matter is that you need not pay money to enjoy all the features and functions of Adam WhatsApp application.

Main Features Of Adam WhatsApp App

Attractive features captivate the users to install the app. It is assured here that the modified app includes many latest features to make the app comfortable for the users.  Consequently, many people choose the app to smoothen digital communication.

Let's see the features

  • Create status more detailed way as it allows you to write 250 characters. However, WhatsApp allows only 139 characters.
  • Use different text fonts, colors, and backgrounds to post status in a different way
  • Send Voice record & text messages, make audio and video calls to communicate with friends and family
  • Reach unsaved contacts by sending messages and making calls
  • Lightweight Application occupies a small space that helps to reduce battery consumption and internet data. You can keep the app on a low-end Android Smartphone
  • Good lock system to keep your app and chat protected from the prying eyes such as Password, Fingerprint, PIN, and Pattern
  • Many new themes and wallpapers can be used to change the app and chat interface
  • Anti-ban features to avoid getting caught the ban
  • Hide online availability by disabling last seen and online, blue tick, double tick, etc.
  • Send messages at different times and dates in advance by creating a schedule
  • Anti-delete for messages and statuses so that you can see the deleted messages and status after deleting

It has many more features if you install the updated app from this website.

How Can I Block The Contacts Of The Adam WhatsApp?

People need to block disturbing contacts who frequently communicate unnecessarily by calling and messaging. Some easy and simple steps are given below for the users to get a brief idea of how to block the troubling contacts.

Let's look at the important steps

Step one: Open Adam WhatsApp APK and go to the home screen.

Step two: Click on 3 dots from the top right corner of the app interface.

Step three: Press on the Setting Option.

Step four: Tap on the Privacy from the functions list.

Step five: Crawl below and click on Block contacts.

Step six:  On the top click on the Contacts icon.

Step Seven: Finally, select the contact and automatically block the contact.

That's enough to block the unwanted contacts.

After blocking, the contacts never call or message to disturb you.

Can I Keep Both Apps Without a Problem On My Android?

Yes, it is possible to keep both apps on your Android device without any hassle. Adam WhatsApp and Whatsapp can serve different purposes. Users can communicate with two different groups using different apps that help to get rid of confusion in communication.


You can connect and communicate huge people digitally which is not possible physically. So, Adam WhatsApp APK is a very effective app for communication lovers. As a result, the app has achieved great popularity worldwide. Now, millions of people love to use the app for its latest additional features inclusion.

You can keep updated every moment if you install and use the app. 


Minimum Operating System: Android 5.0.

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