Aero Twitter

Version: 3.5

Size: 112.62MB

Aero Twitter APK is a MOD version of the official Twitter, also known as AeroWitter or X Aero or Twitter Aero. It provides a simple and colorful user-friendly environment that is optimal for enhancing the social media experience.

By using AeroTwitter or the AeroWitter app you can enjoy tons of unique features along with customization options that enrich your Twitter experience. More than thousands of people use X Aero APK on their smartphone.

Arrow Witter app provides lots of colors to use in the app interface like - blue, pink, dark, purple. So without delay download and install the latest version of the Aero X app and use your favorite color in your app interface.

AeroTwitter App Features

  • Download all images, videos and GIFs with the best resolution.
  • View fleets without knowing fleet owners.
  • Read messages in hidden way
  • Allow to hide typing information
  • Allow to remove all promoted tweets, users, trend hashtags, etc.
  • Allow to remove social contexts on homepage
  • Allow to remove social contexts on discover/search page
  • Allow to remove banner in discover/search tab
  • Allow to remove link analysis
  • Change the copy link button to "Download" or "Copy link" or "Always ask"
  • Allow to change fonts, text size, colors etc.
  • Allows to customize app interface
  • Free to use

You can download more alternative apps for communication like- Aero WhatsApp, InstaPlus, Instagram Aero, YoWhatsApp etc.

How To Customize AeroTwitter Application?

The steps you need to follow to customize Twitter Aero are described below for each option..

Guide-1 (Download and Install): First you need to download the latest version of AeroTwitter app. Download the updated version by clicking the download button at the top of this page.

Now find the file from your device storage and open the file. When you open the file, you can see the install button, click on it. Now complete the installation with your required information.

Guide-2 (How to Customize): Open the app from your device to customize. Now click on the top left icon. Then click on an option called "AeroWitter Settings". Now you can see some options which official Twitter(X) doesn't allow.

  1. Downloads: If you click on the download option then you can see 3 options here. One of them is the "Download Folder" - where you can see where your downloaded files are stored. You can now select the folder of your choice if you want.
  2. The second option is "Always download the best resolution" - if you enable this option, you will always download files in the best resolution.
  3. The third option is "Function of the copy link button" - by this option you can change the copy link button function to "Download" or "Copy link" or "Always ask".
  4. Privacy: From here you can hide view fleets, read messages, and type information.
  5. General: Here you can enable or disable many more things including the option to remove ads.
  6. For example – remove social contexts on homepage, remove social contexts on discover/search page, remove promoted trend hashtags, remove banner in discover/search tab, remove promoted users in who to follow, and remove link analysis.
  7. Customization: This option allows you to customize your app interface. From here you can change fonts, text size, colors, etc.
  8. Updates: From this section, you can get regular app update information.

How To Update Aero Twitter App?

Many users don't want to use old versions and always want to keep their apps updated to enjoy new features. Now let's talk about how you can update your app. If you want, you can update your old version by following the steps below. So let's see how to update

  1. First, remove the Twitter Aero Old Version app from your device.
  2. Download the Aero Witter update version by clicking the download button at the top of this current page.
  3. Then install it, open the app and use it.

Final Word

Aero Twitter APK is a third-party application for Twitter client, it provides unique features and functions with safe, secure and easy customization options. Using this platform, you can tweet your thoughts as well as receive tweets from other people.


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.4 and up

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