AG WhatsApp

Version: 36.10

Size: 78.05 MB

AG WhatsApp APK is a modified app with extra features that are customized from the official WhatsApp. Users get many new elements to use and change the outlook of the app. As a result, worldwide, it has gained huge popularity. Now, daily, millions of people use it to connect with their friends and family.

AGWhatsApp app has many latest custom themes, wallpapers, icons, text fonts, colors, backgrounds, and instant reaction elements that make the app remarkable to the users. It is very easy and simple for communication lovers. There is no need to become a tech expert to operate the app.

Asim Mahjoub is a great developer who redesigned the app by changing codes and elements.

This digital communication tool allows all its users to make audio and video calls to reach the last corner of the world within seconds. So, you do not need to go physically to meet with others. It was unimaginable a few years back.  Day by day, people depend on this app to connect easily.

AGWhatsApp APK is 100% free to install and use for Android users.

Main Features Of AG WhatsApp

Many remarkable features and functions are represented by this app to attract users. Most of people install AG WhatsApp App for its great features which are shown here to give a brief idea about the app. So, browse your eyes below.

Let's see the distinctive features

  • Make audio-video calls, exchange text to chat, open groups to hang out with others
  • Hide online availability to bypass unwanted calls and message
  • Create a large written status as it allows to write 250 characters but the official one permits only 139 characters
  • Shared different formats of personal and professional large files with others such as images, videos, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and so on
  • Call and chat with unsaved contacts
  • End-to-end Encrypted so that nobody can breach your privacy
  • Secure and safe app as it updates remove unwanted elements
  • Pin contact on the top of the interface to identify quickly when required
  • Star messages to bookmark important messages

That's all, identify more features if you install and use the app.

How Do I Set the Profile Description Of AG WhatsApp?

Profile setting is very important. People can see it and know about a person. So, it is needed to describe appropriately resulting in other users can get a great impression. Profile description setting is very simple and easy. Some useful steps are given below to follow.

Let's observe the steps

First step: Open the app and from the app interface's top right side click on 3 dots.

Second step: Tap on the setting from surfacing several options.

Third Step: Click on the profile name that is near the profile picture.

Fourth Step: Press on "About" and write your description. Automatically it gets saved.

That's the effective steps to help you.

Now, you can set written details to complete the profile properly.

Is AG WhatsApp Lightweight?

Yes, AGWhatsApp is a small size app that occupies lower space from your device memory. Due to the lightweight app, it consumes low battery charge and internet data. If you install it there is no hamper of your device operation and navigation. So, you do not face any hassle to use.


AG WhatsApp APK is an excellent messenger app. You can connect and communicate with people all over the world instantly by making audio-video calls and messaging. So, there is no need to go physically to get updated news about anybody. Now, it is one of the most powerful apps to maintain digital communication.

Overall, the app helps you to keep in touch 24/7 with your friends and family.


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.0.

Technical info

Operating System
Asim Mahjoub
File size
78.05 MB
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