Version: 13.18

Size: 79.01 MB

ALWhatsApp APK is a fantastic messenger app for talking, chatting, hanging out, discussing, and sharing different documents. It is a customized app that comes from official WhatsApp. Developers mainly modify the elements and codes to change and improve the app functionally.

Nowadays, digital communication tools are the most popular way to reach people virtually. This is because you can reach anyone instantly by conducting audio-video calls and sending text & voice messages. So, AL WhatsApp is considered a handy way to connect people all over the globe.

Naser Al-Jaidi developed and customized the application for Android users.

People get the app for 100% free. There is no cost incurred to download, install, and use. The wonderful issue is that you can call and chat for free as well. In this case, you need not add your credit card to make payment for any reason. So, many people love the app very much.

Now, ALWhatsApp is one of the smoothest apps for Android apps to connect with people.

Features And Functions Of ALWhatsApp App

New features change the app attractively and motivate the users to install. Every now and then, the authority rectifies the errors by updating. Normally, updated functions make the app more comfortable to use. As a consequence, people love it very much.

Let's see some distinctive features

  • The total app is end-to-end encrypted so that nobody can breach the data privacy and security
  • Different Strong lock systems such as Fingerprint, Pattern, Password, and PIN. You can use these protective systems to avoid unwanted access to your app and chat
  • Share different formats of personal and professional files and documents such as PDF, Image, Video, MS Word, Excel, and so on
  • Voice changer that helps to talk and record your different sound voice to prank friends
  • Edit text messages within 15 minutes of sending
  • About 60 languages are allowed to change which helps to change any language people by translating
  • Keep both the mod and original app and use them at the same time without technical problems
  • Pin Important contacts on the top of the home screen to find easily
  • Backup and restore data in different time frames

Use the camera to capture pictures and videos instantly and share

That's all for now, more is waiting if you install the app from this website.

How Do I Install ALWhatsApp APK?

It is easy and simple to download and install. In this case, you need not have huge tech skills and knowledge. The app can navigate and operate very quickly so people can choose the app for their convenience communication.

Let's see the simple steps to install the app

Step One: Enable the Unknown source from the Android Setting option. Follow the steps - Setting > Security > Unknown Source.

Step Two: Download the latest version ALWhatsApp APK from this website.

Step Three: Uninstall the original App to avoid technical problems.

Step Four: Locate the download file from the Android File Manage.

Step Five: Click on the file and tap on the install button.

Step Six: Enter your Mobile number and confirm by entering the OPT code.

Step Seven: Finally, the app is ready to operate.

That's all.

App installation never damages your device so you can keep faith in it.

Can I Delete My Account On ALWhatsApp At Any time?

Yes, you can delete your app account at any time. It is very simple and easy. There is no technical hassle in this regard. Users can open the app and go to the setting option by clicking 3 dots from the top right corner.  After that, you can tap on the Account and then click on the Delete Account option to complete the process.


Using ALWhatsApp APK, you never feel bored. It helps to remain happy by maintaining good relationships with friends and family. The app is very necessary in this digital communication era. This is because people have to jam-pack with their personal and professional schedules. So, every moment, they can talk and meet virtually by using the app.

Now, you can connect with your loved ones and maintain relationships very effectively and efficiently.


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.0

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Nasser Al-Jaidi
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79.01 MB
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