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The versatile mobile software CetusPlay APK is developed to enhance your experience with multimedia and smart TVs. It enables the smooth enjoyment of various digital entertainment. An excellent alternative to a TV remote with limited functionality is the CetusPlay Universal TV Remote. Unique TV Control provides much more than a universal control for all TVs.

This software is accessible and helpful for people looking for a unified and effective way to control and consume content on their smart TVs and other hardware because of its compatibility with a wide range of devices and support for both Android and iOS smartphones.

CetusPlay application offers a complete solution whether you want to easily navigate your TV, mirror your mobile screen, or manage files between devices.

CetusPlay App is a viable solution for people who want to improve and streamline their connectivity with connected devices like Smart TVs. To maximize your home entertainment system, it offers a unified remote control interface, media streaming capabilities, and content discovery tools.

Key Features of CetusPlay APK are as follows:

  • Remote Control: With CetusPlay app, you can use your smartphone as a remote to operate connected gadgets like Smart TV. This includes capabilities such as remote control operation.
  • Content Discovery: It offers a feature called Content Discovery that enables you to find and access your favorite movies, TV shows, apps, and games on your connected devices
  • Screen Mirroring: Its screen mirroring feature lets you project smartphone or tablet screens onto a larger screen. You can benefit from it for presentations, sharing content with loved ones, or playing mobile games on the big screen.
  • File management: It is another feature of the program that will enable you to view and organize files on the device. Mobile devices and linked gear can easily transfer files thanks to this feature.
  • Customization: Users can design a more user-friendly and effective remote control experience by tailoring this app interface to their tastes.

For users of smart TVs and other connected devices, CetusPlay app is a flexible and practical mobile application that enhances their entire multimedia and entertainment experience.

CetusPlay APK offers you a streamlined and user-friendly interface to interact with the digital ecosystem, including remote control capabilities, media streaming, content discovery and file management.

Supported Devices

  • Globalsat GS500
  • XiaoMi Mi Box
  • ZIDOO X5/X9S/X6 PRO/X1/X9/X1
  • HiMedia Android TV Box Q10 PRO/Q5 PRO/H8
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Google Nexus Player
  • MINIX NEO X7/X6/X8 /Z64
  • MELE PCG03/PCG01
  • SkyStreamX KAT-TV
  • University TV
  • Android TV Box M8S TV Box
  • DigiXstream DX4
  • RQN Android TV Box MXQ
  • Febite M8S TV Box
  • Mansy Genuine KODI(XBMC) MX Pro
  • Mifanstech MXQ
  • Zenoplige MXQ
  • MXQ+/glyfMX+3
  • Jetstream Box
  • SONY Android TV
  • SHARP Android TV
  • Kudo TV KD1 Plus
  • Android TV Box S812
  • The Dragon Box
  • Tonbux SK-002
  • UBox Gen.2
  • GeekBox
  • Tronsmart
  • VONTAR Box
  • Tronsmart Vega Box
  • Joinway Box
  • Andor Box
  • Infic Box
  • Transspeed Box
  • Leelbox
  • Vontar Box
  • Bilink Box
  • Docular Box
  • NewBox
  • Ki Pro DVB
  • DGXStream Box
  • Monba Box
  • Tiktid Box
  • Welwin Box


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.1.

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