GB WhatsApp Pro

Version: 17.60

Size: 75.61 MB

GB WhatsApp Pro APK is a modified app that is simply customized from the original WhatsApp by adding several useful extra features and functions. People love it as it allows adding many new elements for changing the app internally and externally. New themes and wallpapers can be added to alter the app and the chat interface for the convenience of the users.

Nowadays, technology is growing at rocket speed. In this field, different types of digital tools are flourishing very fast. So, digital communication tools like messenger apps have gained huge recognition worldwide. It is one of the most powerful ways to reach your friends and family. People focus on personal connection and communication. But, it is not possible to meet physically as people have busy schedules. In this case, the GBWhatsApp Pro messenger app has huge popularity. 

Different codes, elements, and components are changed to shape the app. So, users find many nice features to communicate comfortably. GB WhatsApp Pro application gets priority as it has the official version's existing functions with additional. So, it can extend and advance its power to 5 Xs.

Fundamental functions of the app

  • Conducting Audio-video calls to talk with others worldwide. You can find a real-time taste of communication by going live.
  • Chat with friends and family by texting and sending voice records. So, it is easy to express the feelings and opinions to others
  • Share different formats of personal and professional files & documents such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, videos, and so on
  • Open the Group and add & invite members to join. Group members can make group calls and continue chatting to hang out with each other.

Key features of GB WhatsApp Pro App

The latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro APK is mainly famous for its diversified features. A lot of new elements include changes in the app's different areas such as icons, themes, wallpapers, colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. Users get attracted by its wonderful features that are given below.

Let's see 13 special features and functions

  1. End-to-end encryption: Data privacy is one of the most powerful ways to protect your information and data. You can keep faith in the mod app as it is encrypted. So, nobody can breach your data protection to steal.
  2. Anti-ban features: You never get caught in any ban as it has an in-built anti-ban system. So, you do not lose the data that you previously shared with others.
  3. Updated App: The app does not contain any harmful elements as it updates to clean the app. During the upgrade, it removes bugs, spyware, malware, and viruses. So, the app runs very fast while you are navigating.
  4. App and Chat Lock: Nobody gets access to your app and chat as it has a lock system to avoid. Users can use strong PINs, Passwords, Patterns, and Fingerprints to safeguard your all confidential issues.
  5. Create Message Schedule: Users can set a specific time and date to send messages in advance. Generally, people have forgetful minds. They do not send anything right time. As a consequence, it is a very effective way to send every message in advance to avoid the problem
  6. Broadcast System: It is easy to send one message to many contacts in one tap by using this system. It is like the Group SMS system of Mobile Phones.
  7. Two Apps can be kept: Both original and modified apps can be kept on your device without any technical problems. The apps can be used for different purposes i.e. personal and professional. Users can segregate the communication group and get rid of confusion during the call and chat.
  8. Text Size and Fonts: Many different sizes and fonts can be used to create a status.
  9. Read Deleted Message and Status: In both cases, you find anti-deleted functions. So, after deleting messages and statuses, people can see and read them easily.
  10. Auto Answer Set: People can set default questions and answers to reply to the people while they are not available online. 
  11. Create Broad Status: Generally, GB WhatsApp Pro update version allows one to write 250 characters to post a written text. But, the original app permits only 139. So, you cannot express your feelings through an official one. As a result, users go for modified ones.
  12. Maintain Quality of Content: Whatever you send and share with others, everything can maintain the full quality. For instance, video and images can be able to keep the original resolution
  13. About 60 Languages: Users can chat with many people who practice different languages. This is because it has an automatic translator to translate the chat to the receiver and sender. So, you can chat with any language people and understand what they say and write

That's all for today, users can get satisfied if they install the app from this website.

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How Do I Star Message On GBWhatsApp Pro App?

This function is very productive for the app users because people sometimes need to bookmark their important files, messages, documents, images, and videos to use in the future. Now, some simple steps are mentioned below to show how to do it.

Let's see the step

First step: Open your GB WhatsApp Pro APK and go to the user interface.

Second step: Click on a contact to move to the chat.

Third Step: Select the message by holding on to messages firmly which leads to the surfacing Star symbol on the top.

Fourth Step: At last, tap on the star symbol to bookmark the message.

That’s enough; the above steps are helpful for the users.

If you start a message it remains in a different list resulting in you finding it easily when required.

Is GB WhatsApp Pro A Clean App Overall?

Yes, GBWhatsApp Pro latest version APK is completely a clean app as it updates regularly to remove risky elements from time to time. No bugs or malware harm your Android device. So, you can operate the app and device without any problem. Besides, it is a legitimate app. All legal procedures were finished before coming into the field. 

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GB WhatsApp Pro APK is a convenient, interesting, enjoyable, and easy digital communication tool. It is a helpful tool for users to reach their loved ones all over the globe by sending instant messages and making instant audio & video calls. It is 24 hours communication tool. So, you can keep updated every single moment.

Now, you need not invest a single penny to chat and talk with others digitally.


Minimum Operating System: Android 5.0+

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