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InstaPlus APK is typically a third-party application or service that offers additional functionality or features beyond the official app. It allows users to download photos, videos, stories and other content from Instagram to their devices.

Instaplus application provides its users with many benefits including viewing stories anonymously, accessing personal profiles, tracking followers and more. It also provides an ad-free platform, allowing users to focus only on the content of the feed without any interruptions.

Main Features Of InstaPlus App

Here are some common features listed below:

  • Offline viewing and re-posting
  • Detailed insight into Instagram account performance
  • Ability to add additional filters, effects, or editing
  • Plan and schedule posts for specific periods
  • Easy to repost or share content from other users
  • Tool to manage followers, detect inactive accounts, find unfollowers
  • Facilitate collaboration with other users, contests, or engagement campaigns
  • Additional security measures or privacy controls beyond the default settings
  • Hide activity using ghost mode

How To Use InstaPlus APK?

Step-1: First, InstaPlus download latest version APK from here.

Step-2: Find the downloaded file from your mobile storage.

Step-3: Locate the APK file and open it.

Step-4: Now tap the install button.

Step-5: Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. 

That’s it.

Advantages of InstaPlus Instagram

Here are some possible perceived benefits or features that users can associate with InstaPlus APK:

  1. May offer additional functionality, such as downloading photos/videos, and viewing stories anonymously.
  2. Offers editing capabilities so users can apply various filters, effects or adjustments to photos before posting.
  3. Scheduling posts for specific times
  4. Access to detailed analysis and statistics about account performance.
  5. Customizable interface options, themes or layouts

Disadvantages of InstaPlus Application

Using third-party apps can have several drawbacks and risks that users should be aware of:

  1. Risk of data breach, hacking or unauthorized access to account information
  2. Possibility of account suspension or permanent ban by Instagram
  3. Possibility to access users' messages or track activity without their consent
  4. Apps may contain malware, viruses or harmful code
  5. Apps not being updated consistently can lead to various issues, crashes or unreliable performance
  6. No official support is available when facing account-related issues


What is InstaPlus APK?

InstaPlus Instagram APK is a third-party application that aims to enrich the functionality of the Instagram platform. It offers additional features beyond what the official app provides.

Where can I Insta Plus app download?

You can download this application from here. We provide both new and old versions. Grab the version you need and enjoy.

What's new in the Insta Plus application's latest version?

  • Hide listening information for voice messages
  • Do not send notifications to take screenshots
  • Copy the post caption
  • Preview while forwarding/rewinding video

Is the InstaPlus app safe to use?

Yes, this application is completely safe to use. Keep the app updated to the latest version to ensure access to new features and improvements and also address any potential security vulnerabilities or bugs present in previous versions.


Download updated InstaPlus APK to enhance Instagram experience. It provides a user-friendly interface and allows the download of high-quality videos, photos and reels. Using Ghost mode hides your current activity from your followers. Stay with this app and enjoy advanced features and functions to communicate and share your activities with others.


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.4 and up

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