Version: 3.0

Size: 97.3 MB

JTFaceBook+ APK is one of the top trending social media networking platforms across the world. By using this amazing application people can share their own opinions and photos and easily be able to make a virtual family. It will be easier to maintain a healthy social life.

No matter how old you are, you just need a smartphone on hand to use it. The Android version can be the best entertainment nowadays. JT Facebook+ app is not only a time-passing platform, anyone can also earn money and build a business through its various functions.

JTFaceBook application provides live sharing opportunities, business pages, and an online marketplace for its users.

JTFacebook+ Application Features

  • Make more friends and keep in touch with them over audio, video calls and chat
  • Making groups private or public and communicating with them through call or message
  • Can share photos, stories, and some special and favorite stories
  • Timeline helps to remind some sweet memories of you and also with friends and family
  • Events to remind upcoming special days and to participate in an ongoing program
  • Linked up with Twitter and Instagram helps to share a post, photos, and videos
  • Connect people by chatting on Messenger and no need for any other app for texting
  • Hit upon the emojis to tell what is on your mind
  • Share your business and get more earning
  • Enjoy your time playing on Facebook with friends

How To Use JT Facebook+ APK

1. Install an Android version of this app.

For signup, you have to follow some rules,

  • Open the JT Facebook + APK on the smartphone.
  • On the front page enter first name and last name.
  • Enter a mobile number or email address, set a password and retype the password to match the previous one.
  • Finally, push on the signup button.

2. Update profile picture.

  • Click on the profile picture.
  • Choose photos from the device photos folder.
  • If needed, then resize or crop the photo to the desired look.
  • Click for the final submission.
  • For security purposes on the guard mode.

3. Update cover photo.

  • Click on the cover photo.
  • Choose photos from the device photos folder.
  • If needed, then resize or crop the photo to the desired look.
  • Keep the cover photo size at least 820 pixels in width and 312 pixels in height.
  • Click for the final submission.

4. Update personal information

Go to the About section and input the information about your education, location where you live, job details, interests, basic information about you and your family and relationships.

5. Follow pages and groups

Follow and like the page or brand you like most and be updated with timing.

6. Review timeline

Updated status, photos, videos, tagged posts review in own timeline and friends also.

7. Facebook live

Go live broadcast for passing time, increase business sell, promotional purpose.


JTFacebook-JiMODs always keeps us up to date with what is happening all around the world every second.

And helps us also to make our days very special by reminding us of what comes next to celebrate. Another trending thing is that JTFacebook+ APK helps you to find your desired information and things based on your search. It suggests things that you are viewing most or your typing keywords etc.

Use the application now and connect with friends and family members.


Minimum Operating System: Android

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