KB WhatsApp

Version: 33

Size: 78 MB

The demand for messenger apps is increasing day by day in the world. This is because people do not have much time in hand to meet physically to their friends and family as they have to engage in many personal and professional activities daily. Today, we continue talking such an app named KB WhatsApp.

KB WhatsApp APK is an excellent modified digital communication application that is customized from the official WhatsApp. It is distinctive for its unique features and functions. By customization, the mod app adds many new features and functions that attract users hugely.

This app was redesigned by the KBWhatsApp team by changing different elements and codes. 

KBWhatsApp app is wonderful as it offers original and modified features for the users. Every moment, people can remain updated by staying online with their friends and family. Users can make audio-video calls and chat with their loved ones resulting in reducing the physical meeting.

Now, you can keep in touch with friends 24/7 if you use KB WhatsApp updated version.

Key Features Of KB WhatsApp

The latest features help to make the app more useful. Every update the app includes and deducts features. As a consequence, people find comfort in connecting and communicating. Here, some fantastic features are displayed briefly to attract the users.

Let's see the features of the app

  • Customize the app and chat interface by applying new elements such as themes, wallpapers
  • Go live by making video calls that allow users to see the person with whom you talk
  • Exchange text to chat and share different files & documents
  • Anti-ban system allows to avoid the ban of the app. So, you do not lose shared data and information
  • Anti-delete messages and status function so that you can see the deleted messages and status
  • Auto reply option to answer queries during the offline
  • Messages schedule creation to send messages at different advance times and date
  • Create and design an avatar by using different elements that can be used as a profile picture
  • Calls and messages have end-to-end encryptions
  • Allowing 250 characters to write status 

That's all to describe briefly.

How Do I Open A Group On KB WhatsApp?

People always want to hang out with their friends to share their moments and feelings. But, it is almost impossible to meet physically for a busy schedule. So, they search for an alternative way to reach their friends.  Messenger apps are the most powerful way to reach quickly. In this case, you can create a group.

Let's see how to open a group step-by-step

Step 1: Open the KB WhatsApp APK and go to the home screen of the app.

Step 2: Click on 3 dots from the top right corner.

Step 3: Tap on the New Group Option that moves you to the Contact List to select your members to add.

Step 5: From the below, click on the green arrow sign.

Step 6: Then, type Group Subject after that set the profile picture and description to complete the group.

That's the entire step to create a group easily.

Basically, people love opening groups to reach many people simultaneously.

Is KB WhatsApp A Lightweight App?

Yes, KBWhatsApp is a small size app for your Android device that occupies low space from your device's memory. If you install and keep the app on your device your device never gets slow. There is no option to consume much battery charge and internet data. So, you can smoothly operate and navigate your app.


KB WhatsApp APK is a very effective digital tool to reach every nook and corner of the world within a second by conducting audio & video calls and sending text messages.  Besides, it helps to hang out virtually by creating a group. So, people love to use it.

Now, users are able to get updates about their friends and family 24/7.


Minimum Operating System: Android 5.0

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