MX Player

Version: 1.78.5

Size: 130 MB

MX Player APK is basically a video and audio player platform that lets you stream all kinds of videos online without subscription. It also supports all audio formats. With this mobile application, you can enjoy region-wise dramas, TV shows, movies, music.

It has subtitle functionality and supports every video format. It has also easy to control key functions like play progress, volume, and brightness with a clean interface. The latest MX Player app also provides many amazing features and functions for its users.

Over 300 million people around the world are using this player.

The platform caters to the needs of visitors from all over India including some neighboring countries. MX Player application offers movies, TV shows, and web shows in multiple regional languages and can be watched on the free platform for absolutely free.

Features of MX Player

Playback: Change the playback speed by swiping the screen up and down. You can also control it more precisely when playing any media. For example, you can navigate to Menu -> Play -> Speed.

Subtitle: Anyone would love to watch videos with subtitles. You can easily browse a subtitle file on your memory card with MX Player and link that file to the video file. You can customize the subtitles on the screen. Dragging and repositioning and resizing or zooming the font.

It supports clear text while watching all these parallel videos.

Hardware Acceleration: Hardware Accelerated Decoder (HW, HW+) makes playback smoother and more battery efficient and can be applied to video with its new HW+ decoder.

Kids Lock: Kids Lock is an essential component for this video and audio player tool.

Change the lock mode if you want so that kids don't face anything embarrassing or can't make calls or touch other apps. So, entertain your kids with this app without any worries. To use the Kids Lock, go to Playback Screen > Menu > Display > Settings > Controls > Lock Mode > Kids Lock.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How To Download MX Player App?

This app is 100% free to enjoy for all iOS and Android smart devices. Download the latest version of this mobile or tablet application by pressing the download button above.

Can Videos Be Downloaded From MX Player?

Of course, some videos you can download to the app if they are available for download. If your smart device has an active Internet connection, you can download downloadable content and later watch it without Internet.

Can Watch Videos Without Subscription?

Of course, users can easily stream videos online without subscription.

Is MX Player App Safe?

Yes, this player application is 100% safe, secure, and legal to use.


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MX Player APK has some great features that users can enjoy as they wish. It has some amazing swipe gesture features to ensure you have a solid user experience and child lock that you can use to ensure your kid doesn't do anything when you leave the Android alone.

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Minimum Operating System: Android 4.2

Technical info

Operating System
J2 Interactive
File size
130 MB
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