NB WhatsApp

Version: 1436

Size: 98.3 MB

NB WhatsApp APK is a very effective and efficient digital communication tool that was converted from official WhatsApp. Now, you can use the app as a substitute for the original one. This is because all existing features and extra features make the app remarkable for communication lovers.

It is not possible to communicate with friends and family by going physically as all have different types of personal and professional daily activities. In this case, digital tools help you out. If you install a messenger app like NB WhatsApp you are able to reach at the time of your choice.

The app was developed and designed by the NB WhatsApp team.

To reach people, you just make audio and video calls and exchange written text, voice records, images, and videos, and share different documents & files such as PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Besides, users can post statuses and stories to share happy and sorrowful moments.

You can contact others if you have an Android phone, internet connection, and this mod app.

Key Features Of NB WhatsApp Application

It represents itself from others by offering some fantastic features and functions. Now and then, the app updates and adds many new features to attract users. As a result, millions of people choose the app for their communication convenience. Here, some unique features are given.

Let's browse your eyes

  • The app is 100% free to download, install and use. No need to pay money to use all functions. So, users can call and chat without any hassle
  • Creating a Group to hang out with group members by making audio and video calls
  • Keep safe the sharing information as it is end-to-end encrypted
  • Unbreakable lock system to protect your app from unwanted access. Now, you can keep your app and chat by setting PIN, Pattern, Password, and   Fingerprint
  • Edit sent messages within 15 minutes to rectify the written text errors
  • New resources and elements such as wallpapers, icons, text fonts, themes, colors, backgrounds, etc. So, this helps to change chat, app, and other areas of the app differently
  • Copy and download the status directly without using other software that can share without facing copyright issues

That's not all; finding more features if you install the app.

How Do I Enable Last Seen And Online On NB WhatsApp?

It is a very handy function for the users. If you are busy you do not want to accept calls and messages frequently. This option allows you to hide yourself from the online. So, users can create gaps in communication during work hours.  Some steps are given to enable it.

Let's see the steps

Step One: Open NB WhatsApp and tap on 3 dots from the top right side of the app interface.

Step Two: Click on the setting option.

Step Three:  Now, several options are shown, just click on Privacy.

Step Four:  Then, press on last seen.

Step Five:  At last, you find several options to tick. You just tick on "Nobody". Finally, it enables.

The above steps must help you to activate the option simply and easily.

Now, you can keep away from the frequent interruption of calling and messaging.

Can I Bookmark My Messages On NB WhatsApp APK?

Yes, there is an option to bookmark your important messages to find and use quickly. In this case, you can star your necessary files, documents, images, and videos for future use. So, if you star anything you do not consume much time and effort to search and find any important messages.


NB WhatsApp App is a great communication tool that never deprives you. Now, you can connect and communicate with others every moment. People get updated news about their friends and family. So, it builds your relationship very effectively.

Now, you can communicate with anybody standing anywhere in the world if you have a Messenger App.


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.1.

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