Niva Follower

Version: 4.8

Size: 4.59 MB

Niva Follower APK is wonderful automatic software that generates followers, story views, post likes, reactions, and comments automatically. Your social media gets enriched and enhanced dramatically. This app focuses on Instagram accounts. So, it is called Instagram management software.

If you do not have a good number of followers in your Instagram account you are not able to promote your idea and content to others. So, people want to increase followers gradually. In this case, Niva Follower App serves you excellently. Now, above 12 million people actively use the app.

Niva Follower MOD APK was developed and designed by Jet Developers.

The app has huge users review and rating points. Many followers, likes, and comments mean your content, images, and statuses reach many people within a short period. Daily, the app helps to increase followers gradually, and consistently. Presently, the concept of influencers in social media is growing rapidly. Instagram pioneered this area. Instagram influencers are the role-model and celebrities. So, all are happy to boost their account by using Niva Follower.

Huge followers and friends create a strong Instagram account.

Features And Functions Of Niva Follower

It is a fantastic app that upgrades people's Instagram accounts or pages. The app has many useful features that we initiate to identify. For nice features, it is gaining popularity day by day. Now, some simple features are given below to get a concrete idea.

Let's see the features

  • Followers, likes, and comments are genuine, no fake things you see
  • 100% Free to install and use to increase followers for free as well
  • Third-party legal software that does not contain any harmful elements such as bugs, malware, viruses, etc. So, you get a clean app for your convenience
  • A lightweight app that occupies low space from your Android memory. You can keep the app on a low-end Android device without any hassle.
  • No illegal issues to harass you
  • Collect coins to increase the number of followers

That is all for your help; users can find more features by installing the app in real time.

How Do I Log In Niva Follower APK?

To use the app, users have to log in the app by using Instagram. So, how do you perform it that mentioned below? Any person can follow the simple steps to log in to the app quickly and effectively.

Let's see the steps

First Step: First of all Sign In to Niva Follower App on your Android.

Second Step: Select New Type.

Third Step: Enter your Instagram Username and Password to enable the app.

Above three steps help you to open and start the app

Now, you can log in and increase your followers with a simple tap.

Is Niva Follower A Loyal App to Increase Followers?

Yes, it is a loyal app. You do not find any fake things here. Everything is genuine for the users. All followers, likes, reactions, and comments you find real. So, your account gets strengthened heaping unlimited followers gradually and consistently.


You are a great Instagram influencer if you have many followers and many people who comment on your posts frequently. It is normally, a slow process overall. So, people depend hugely on Niva Follower. It is an automatic process to enhance your account.

Now, you can install it without any doubt.


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.4.

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