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qmiran APk is a popular Android application that allows you to see who has viewed your Facebook and Instagram posts, as well as other information such as who has blocked you and what you’re most popular posts are.

qmiran App primarily focuses on social media sites like WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter, providing users with insights and data about their activities. Users can stay updated about their online presence using the app, which gives them access to comprehensive information and notifications about their social media activity.

qmiran App Features

  • The app allows users to see who is interested in their content by allowing them to know who has visited their account on various social media networks.
  • Users can monitor their list of followers and the changes they follow, such as mutual followers, new followers, and unfollowers.
  • It helps users keep track of who has blocked or unblocked them on social media, so they can manage their connections efficiently.
  • The application offers extensive data and analytics on users' social media profiles, including interactions over time, followers and profile views.
  • To keep users informed about their online activities, the app notifies users in real time whenever significant changes are made to their social media profiles.
  • The application has an intuitive layout that facilitates navigation and access to various features and insights related to social media accounts.
  • The app places a high priority on user privacy and security, ensuring users' personal data and social media login credentials are safe while using the app.

Users can easily track and evaluate their social media presence on several platforms with qmiran APK. This program helps users successfully manage their online connections and provides insightful information about social media interactions, whether they are using it for business or personal purposes.

What Can I Use Instead Of qmiran?

Here are some things to think about if this app works or if you are looking for other apps with comparable features:

1. Integrated Analysis and Insights:

Facebook: Facebook provides basic metrics for personal profiles and “Page Insights” for commercial pages. They don't offer specific audience attributes, but they do offer metrics like reach, engagement, demographics, and post-performance.

Instagram: Instagram Insights provides similar information about reach, engagement, and content performance, which is accessed through business profiles. However, they also don't reveal individual viewer identities.

2. Tools for Social Media Management:

While some social media management solutions cater primarily to corporations and may not be suitable for personal use, others provide more comprehensive analytics and engagement tracking.

3. Be wary of third-party apps:

Apps claiming to have viewed your profile are likely tricks or malware. They often require questionable consent and can compromise the security of your account. Maintain a strategic distance from them inside and outside.

4. Center of Engagement:

Instead of dwelling on who viewed your profiles, focus on building substance that sparks genuine intuition together with your fans. Track comments, likes, offers and other forms of engagement to gauge the effectiveness of your content.

Last Word

qmiran APK offers a number of features, such as tracking profile visitors, followers, unfollowers, blockers, and other analytics, that allow users to gain insight into their social media activity. It enables users to monitor and analyze their social media presence on various platforms easily.

This app allows users to gain useful insight into the interactions on Facebook, whether for curiosity or professional reasons, in order to make effective use of their Internet connections.


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.1, 4.1.1

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