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Snapchat Aero APK is a free messaging and social networking platform for smartphones. It is available for Android and iOS. It lets you send messages, photos or short videos to friends and family. And what makes this app interesting is that most of these messages are temporary.

For example, after someone sees a photo or video you've shared, it will disappear and never be seen again. Since its launch in 2011 and the release of the Stories function in 2013, the latest Snapchat Aero app has become one of the top social media platforms in the world.

As of July 2021, the number of daily active users of the platform is 293 million which an increase of 23% per year. Most of the people love to use this mobile application to chat or make calls with friends. At the same time, they can exchange photos, videos, stickers, and others.

You can now download Snapchat Aero application from the above for free.

Features of Snapchat Aero

Snap: Snap is a way to send a photo or video. Here you can send photos or videos to one or more of your friends through this app. In a video snap you can lengthen a maximum of 60 seconds. Consistent with the original features of this app, Snapchat does not capture any photo or video content.

Here the recipient deletes the platform content after viewing the snap.

Stories: Stories allows you to share any moment with all your Snapchat Aero application friends these stories stay in the app for a maximum of 24 hours then are automatically deleted. If you want to save your stories, you can download them to your device or save them in memory.

Filter: You can personalize your own filters and lenses. Whether it's a filter that frames special moments, or a lens that's one of the best ways to make any moment even more hilarious, your custom creations will make any event even more special.

Spectacles: Using the latest version of the Snapchat Aero APK, create the world you want to see with the first pair of glasses spectacles in this app that brings augmented reality to life, redefining how this app interacts and overlays computing around the world.

Context Cards: The context card uses information from partners to provide additional information about the location mentioned in a Snap or lets you take steps such as booking your ride or reserving a dinner table. You can access context cards by swiping a snap or story.

Snapchat Uses

While these temporary messages may seem a bit impractical, they are an integral part of making the American multimedia instant messaging and service platform popular. Most social networks will save posts indefinitely, which can be a bit embarrassing after a few years.

If you've ever seen an unprepared picture on Facebook, this feeling may sound familiar. Since most of what you post on it is not permanent, it makes it easy to share silly photos, videos, or small moments of your daily life. This is why you should download Snapchat Aero and use it.

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Minimum Operating System: Android 4.2

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