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Size: 7.43 MB

Are you looking for great Android management software?

If yes, you can download Tongbu APK and install it right now. This is a great manager or assistant for Android that makes it easier and easier to work with your device. You find millions of resources; quickly, efficiently and easily transfer files, restore and return all information and data.

The Tongbu app also helps and allows you to download huge apps and games for free. This platform includes new applications, attractive games, popular music, personalized mobile ringtones, amazing stickers and wallpapers, and so on.

Besides, it will help you to quickly transfer data from Android mobile phone to computer or laptop. You can transfer images, videos, audios, music and songs, chat history, contacts, messages, etc. In addition, you can backup and restore data and information such as images, notes, messages, contacts and chat history.

The Tongbu app has strong security features. If you install the application, you will not lose your valuable data that you saved earlier. This is because this application maintains an excellent user privacy policy. So you don't worry about the security issue.

There are hundreds of similar Android device management apps around the world. But the latest Tongbu manager is the best due to its unique features and functions. Day by day, familiarity with this application is spreading very quickly. So you can download and install without a second thought.

This application is 100% free for you. No investment is required to install the application and maintain it. In addition, it is a small application that takes up little space on your Android device. So your device will not be burdened. As a result, there is no chance of losing navigational and operational speed and stability.

So you don't worry about safety and security.

Features of Tongbu

This is called Mobile Device Management (MDM). It has many useful features and capabilities. So let's take a look at some of the features below to get a brief idea of ​​the software.

  • Manage your device efficiently
  • Increase your productivity and reduce the time and effort required to complete your device's tasks and activities.
  • A more secure way to manage resources, information and data
  • Platform without ads
  • Search and explore your stuff quickly
  • Refresh device content
  • Block unwanted access by others
  • Keep your data system safe
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Everything can be kept well organized or orderly
  • Location tracking features
  • Easily erase or delete unnecessary data
  • Providing the ability to remotely manage applications
  • Ensuring System Visibility

To enjoy additional features, use the app now.


I hope you read the article and got a lot of information.

Tongbu APK is a handy manager for Android users. This device management allows IT administrators to manage and secure Android devices. You will never get bored using this application. It gives you an amazing experience. Thus, without further delay, you can install it for your convenience.

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Minimum Operating System: Android 2.3

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