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Nowadays, people do not pass a single moment without Digital communication tools. This is because it helps to connect with people to serve varied purposes 24 hours.  It is not possible to avoid these tools impact and extent in people's lives. Today, a discussion is produced about a tool named WhatsApp Arab APK. 

WhatsApp Arab is basically a modified app that is customized from official WhatsApp by adding and omitting different functions, features, and elements. As a consequence, users find a new app that is easier and more comfortable than the original one. So, people love to install it.

An efficient developer team redesigned and published WhatsApp Arab in the market.

WhatsApp Arab App is instant and quick. Users can make audio-video calls to reach their friends and family every nook and corner of the planet. Besides, you can chat with people by sending text and voice messages. In addition, personal and professional documents can be shared easily by using the app.

The wonderful matter is that you can open a group and hang out with the members via video call.

Key Features Of The WhatsApp Arab

Users find many new features and functions in this app as well as existing ones. Therefore, if you download and install the app you can get double facilities in some cases. Now, here, some new features are shown to give a brief idea about the application.

Let's see below

  • Many new customization elements such as wallpapers, themes, icons, text fonts, colors, and backgrounds. The elements help to change the appearance of different areas of the app such as the App and Chat interface.
  • Having a Broadcast system to send one message to many at the same time
  • Copy and download others' statuses that can be shared without raising copyright issues
  • Share up to 100 MB of different formats of large data simultaneously such as image, PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, videos, and so on
  • Within 15 minutes, you can edit the text messages that you exchange with others
  • Answer the question automatically by enabling the auto-reply function
  • Keep your app DND mode to avoid unnecessary notifications, calls, and messages
  • Having the best privacy as it is end-to-end encrypted to protect data and information
  • Increased stock of instant reaction elements such as smileys, GIFs, stickers, emojis, emoticons, etc.

That is all to show the app cleanly.

How Do I Hide the About Option Of The WhatsApp Arab?

The About section is an important part of WhatsApp Arab APK. It helps to display anybody's account to others in detail. So, people can identify who you are really.  Here, some easy and simple steps are given for the users to enable the functions.

Let's see the steps below

First Step: Go to the Home Screen of WhatsApp Arab App by opening it.

Second Step: From the top right side of the interface of the app, just click on 3 dots.

Third Step: Now, tap on the Setting.

Fourth Step: Then, Press on the Privacy option from the surfacing list.

Fifth Step: At last, there are several options to select. You just tick on the "Nobody" to enable the process.

That's sufficient for the users.

By hiding the profile description, users can protect their privacy. 

What Is The Benefit Of Star Messages Of WhatsApp Arab?

It is a wonderful function of this app. People are busy. They have a forgetful mind. Sometimes, they do not find their shared data, information, and documents. This is because every day a lot of things are shared. So, many things get heaped in your chat. In this case, star allows you to bookmark the important documents and messages that help to use in the future. 


WhatsApp Arab APK offers many latest features to change the digital communication scenario. Every moment millions of people use the app to reach millions of people to share their moments. There is no need to consume much time to go and meet physically. So, people install and use it for their convenience digital connection.

WhatsApp Arab App keeps you online for 24 hours.


Minimum Operating System: Android 2.2.

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