WhatsApp Red

Version: 36.00

Size: 79 MB

WhatsApp Red APK is an excellent messenger application customized from official WhatsApp. It is very distinctive for its red icons. Besides, people love it for its flexibility of customization. Users can modify the app at their own will by adding and deducting different elements and components.

The wonderful matter is that you can conduct audio-video calls, exchange text and voice records, open different groups to hang out with the group members and share large personal and professional documents. So, users love to install and use the app frequently. 

Abu Arab is recoding and changing elements to rearrange the app differently.

You may fear about the payment! Don't get worried as you do not need to pay a single penny to install and communicate with others worldwide. It is 100% free for Android Smartphone users. Every moment, users can keep in touch with their friends and family.

So, millions of people connect with others by using WhatsApp Red.

Important Features And Functions Of WhatsApp Red Application

Distinctive features encourage the users to install and use the app. This modified app changed the digital communication scenario by offering the best features. As a result, people never keep themselves detached from the digital communication tool. Some features are displayed below.

Let's see the features

  • Secure app as it does not have harmful elements such as bugs and malware
  • Broadcast system to send one message to many people simultaneously
  • Hide your contact name, picture, and description to conceal your identity from the public
  • Making audio and video calls to see the people live
  • Exchange text to chat with others
  • Send voice records and modify Voice to prank friends
  • Open group to hang out with the group members
  • Mute and block unwanted calls and messages
  • Hide double tick and blue tick. So, the sender does not sense whether the receiver reads the messages or not.
  • Schedule messages to send in advance at different times and date
  • Auto Reply the messages 

That's sufficient features to satisfy the users.

How Do I Change the Mobile Number Of WhatsApp Red?

People want to change their mobile numbers to protect their privacy. Sometimes, unwanted calls and messages heap on your account. At this moment, users want to change their number. It is very simple and easy. Just follow the below steps.

Let's see the effective ste4ps

First Step: Go to WhatsApp Red App.

Second Step: From the top of the user interface, click on 3 dots.

Third Step: Popping several options, just, click on the Account option.

Fourth Step: Press on Change Number and then tap on Next Button.

Fifth Step: Enter old and new numbers with country code.

Sixth Step: Click on Next again after that press “Done” to finish the process.

That's enough.

You can divert your account to a new number that helps to avoid unwanted people's communication. 

Can I Edit My Text Messages On WhatsApp Red?

Yes, it is. Users can rectify their errors and shortcomings in whatever they write and send others. The condition is that you have to perform it within 15 minutes after sending it. Otherwise, it is not possible. People take this function positively.


WhatsApp Red APK is a very nice outlook that motivates people to install and use it. The app is very easy and simple to navigate and operate. Users need not become tech experts to run the app. So, day, by day the app is gaining popularity worldwide.

Now you can reach unlimited people to connect at any time.


Minimum Operating System: Android 4.1.

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